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NDC Invest

NDC Invest is the Inter-American Development Bank Group collective effort to assist countries in the design and implementation of their climate change-related policies, goals and commitments.
Is a platform that acts as a one-stop shop that offers a comprehensive package of technical and financial assistance that is delivered through its 4 operational components.

Contact Person: Raúl Delgado


Resilience Community of Practice

The Resilience Community of Practice (RCP) is an informal multi-disciplinary group within the IDBG with the objectives of contributing to a better understanding of the factors that help build resilience and consequently the sustainability of development programs in Latin American and the Caribbean region; making use of knowledge and lessons learned to improve the resilience of future projects financed by the Bank, and strengthening the capacities of the Bank and its clients to integrate a resilience approach into development programs. In order to promote these objectives and in line with the Bank's international commitments on resilience, the RCP has developed a three-year Work Plan (WP) focused on the implementation of: (i) the Risk Management directive A2 of OP-704 Policy on "Project Risk and Vulnerability", including Climate Change, in Bank-financed programs; and (ii) the commitments made at the Bank governors' meeting in Bahamas in 2016 regarding climate risks screening in Bank operations and the increase (30% of the portfolio) in climate change resources to 2020. 

Contact Person: Alfred Grundwaldt

Sustainable Infrastructure Group

The Sustainable Infrastructure Platform Management and Technical Working group is multi-disciplinary group within the IDBG with the mission to operationalize the Sustainable Infrastructure Framework in the overall Bank’s loans and investment portfolios. The purpose of the framework is to enhance clarity, reduce risks, and realize the opportunities that sustainable infrastructure brings for growth and productivity, enhancing coverage and quality of services embodied in the SDGs, and accelerating the transition to low carbon growth and climate resilient economies in Latin America and the Caribbean. The group focuses on operationalising the four main principles of sustainability; covering economic and financial, environmental, social, and institutional dimensions, and it proposes that each of these needs to be considered across the project cycle including, critically, how upstream policy, legislation, regulations, planning, and organizational capacities contribute to delivering sustainability. 

Contact personMaria Tapia BonillaMariana Silva

Climate Finance

The CCS division channels different resources or climate funds so countries in Latin America and the Caribbean have access and adequate support to implement Nationally Determined Contributions and to facilitate low-carbon and climate-resilient development. Climate finance is mainstreamed through the IDB Group to support countries’ planning, articulating public, private, and donor financing at the international, national, subnational, and local scales.  In 2016, the Board of Governors of the IDB set a target to increase financing for climate change to 30% of approvals by 2020. To achieve this goal, the IDB Group has increased the use of innovative instruments for leveraging public and private sector finance.  Every year, we apply the Joint MDB Tracking Methodology that estimates and reports adaptation and mitigation finance.

Contact Person for Funds: Gloria Visconti 

Contact Person MDB Tracking Methodology: Susana Cárdenas