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Numbers for Development - IDBG Open Data Portal

About Numbers for Development

The IDB is committed to disseminate and provide high quality data derived from their research analysis and sources through the “Numbers for Development” (N4D) portal. This initiative has been launched in 2015 in response to the need for socio-economic data focused in the LAC region. The portal merges 7 IDB´s databases and a catalog of specialized datasets derivate from the research published in the IDB´s publications portal.

Guide to Publishing Datasets

FAQs Questions

  • What is Numbers for Development? 

It is the IDB's Open Data portal that merges 7 IDB´s databases and a catalog of Specialized Datasets derivate from the research published in the IDB´s  publications portal. To access the portal go to

  • Where can I find the Open Data Policies and guidelines of the Bank?

The Open Data Portal is governed by the AM-331 Annex 1, which establishes a set of principles. Also AM-331-1 provides guidelines about the management of Databases of the Bank. The steps described in the AM-331 Annex 1 are consistent with the Bank’s access to Information Policy.

  • How to request help and/or training in Numbers for Development the IDB Open Data Portal?

You can review the "MyData Infoguide" that contains information about the Open Data Portal, policies, step by step guides, training resources, and more. Additionally, KIC/ISU offers Open Data Portal Training Sessions tailored to units upon request. Please contact the sector librarian within your department for more information.

  • Who do I contact if I need support with Numbers for Development?

For a technical problem with "Numbers for Development Indicators" or "Dataset Catalog", please call Reference desk or send an e-mail to Bid-Library or contact your Embedded Librarian.

Contact us!

 Carolina Osorio 
 Team Leader Library Services |
                RES Information Officer


Ranieli Piccinini 
IFD and SCL Information Officer


 Diana Silva Gaitán
               Information Officer
 Carolina Huart
 INT Information Officer​
               Numbers for Development
               Data Steward


Eloá Cruz Visalaya
              Information Officer 
              Research Librarian
 Cristina Hinojosa
 INE & CSD Information Officer


 Danielle Falcón 
 IDB- INVEST Information Officer


Fernando Blanco 
Cataloging & Metadata Librarian